5 Oct

NIRAI KANAI means a heaven where has only pleasantness. People who have visited here will have only happiness. Nirai Kanai is an Okinawa restaurant where is very famous in Tokyo. They have opened for 12 years, and have 12 branches around Tokyo.  In Thailand, the first branch of Nirai Kanai is located at Nihonmachi for a while.  NIRAI KANAI is located Thong lor soi 1, Sukhumwit Rd. They open daily at 17.00 – 24.00.


Nirai Kanai is decorated in Okinawa style which makes you feel relax at south island of Japan.


They provide 12 counter-seats. You can see the chiefs when they cooked for you.


For people who come as a group.


mozuku tempura




 Fuu Champuruu


Umi Budou

Umibudo seaweed which is also called Japanese Sea Grapes, or some may called “green caviar” is a kind of seaweed that can be found in deep Okinawa seawater, what is so special is the texture and the look of it. It has tiny bubbles of seaweed that form one piece of umibudo.

If you like Japanese food, Okinawan food doesn’t disappoint. Even more so that the pricing of dining at Nirai-Kanai is not much different from say, dining at any other mainstream Japanese restaurant in Thailand.

Jackapan Witchuprapaporn 52030055


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