Soul Food Mahanakorn (Thong Lor)

1 Oct

Do you want to be classy while eating Thai food? Do you want to taste Thai foods by the hand of the foreigners? And the last question is “Have you ever tried Soul Food Mahanakorn?”


Soul Food Mahanakorn is the Thai restaurant decorated in American modern style because its founder is a food journalist from Pennsylvania named Jarrett Wrisley. Soul Food Mahanakorn is located in Soi Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thonglor)


Inside the restaurant, it is decorated for the customers to feel classy with dark mood. The foods are mostly Thai traditional dishes with seasonal and ingredient-inspired style.


The first dish I want to introduce is called Yum Makrua Yao. It is eggplant salad with boiled duck eggs and bacon. The eggs are so tender and the bacon is tasteful with the smell of mint. How delicious!


Now the most favorite dish of Soul Food Mahanakorn in my opinion is called Sticky Tamarind Rib. It is made from pork ribs braised in a spicy tamarind barbecue sauce and grilled meticulously. If you personally like pork, you will like it even more than before!

To sum up, Soul Food Mahanakorn is one of the perfect choices for those who want to taste Thai traditional dishes with affordable prices. You do not have to travel so far when Bangkok has the place located near you. Just take BTS to Thong Lor station and walk a little bit. As you start to feel hungry, you may forget how many dishes you have ordered. All of this are because of deliciousness you can taste from visit Soul Food Mahanakorn. Give it a try! 


Nattanan Sangphuen


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