Mae-Varee Shop

1 Oct

I believe that when we are talking about “Sweet Mango with Sticky Rice”, Mae-Varee Shop will be one of your choices you are thinking of. Mae-Varee Shop is recommended place to go for quality gourmet dessert.  Mae-Varee Shop is easy to reach via BTS sky train – exit Thjong lo station and walk a short distance to Sukumvit 55 and trun left; it locates on the lefthand side. Not only have several of beautiful fruited but also a variety of dessert such as Coconut-Palm Sugar Topping, Fine Durian or Sweet Mango with Sticky Rice and Coconut Syrup.   

Mae-Varee Shop has been opened for more than 20 years by Varee Jeensuwan. It opens 24 hour and provides delivery service by charging depend on the price and distance that start from 100bath.

No doubt! Why Sweet Mango with Sticky Rice is the signature and the best product seller because it was made by punctilious step with quality materials and affordable price or 90bath/a set.  Moreover, there are a lot of products which attract the customers; they are sticky rice (160baht/kg.). Fish, Custard and Shrimp topping with sticky rice is 40 baht/ a set. Fine Durian with Sticky Rice and Coconut Syrup is 70bath/a set.   


For more information, please contact 02-392-4804 or 081- 849-0257.



Phichapak Suksomkit


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