Chico interior product & cafe’ Sukhumvit 53

1 Oct

For those who want to relax, and find some cool beverages. I would like to present about Chico interior product & cafe’. Chico’s is a mix of restaurants and cafes. However, their mainly focus on selling beverages more than foods. The other side of this cafe is for selling some interior product which I think it’s too expensive 😦

Now let’s start with lunch set. You can choose between ice tea and coffee.

Ice tea 😉

Coffee with aromatic smell and taste

Let’s see about their food, Omurice which appear as a very big size! Two people can eat together 😉

Next, I present a dessert “JUMBO HONEY TOAST”

This cafe also suit for people who interest in cats because Chico cafe  has several cats which are waiting for you to play with them. Moreover, you can bring your cat come along with you too! O_o

The cat name “Chiro”

In my opinion, This cafe is one of the best choice for everybody who need relax time, they can find some drink and enjoy with many adorable cats too.

Chico interior product & cafe’ open 9.30 – 18.00 ( Tuesday closed)


By Pakkapon  Dennarakorn  52030074


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