Bangkok Bitter (Thong Lor 5)

1 Oct

Are you tired of Thai restaurant full of traditional Thai food? How about a place with very unique style with its own dishes? The brand new restaurant I highly recommend is called Bangkok Bitter




Bangkok Bitter is the semi-bar restaurant located in Soi Thong Lor 5 at Project No.88 on the second floor. Bangkok Bitter is decorated in glass house Italian style, relaxing its customers by its uniqueness. It has both outdoor and indoor.


Bangkok Bitter has many kinds of enchanting dishes, most of them are Italian food. By the way, you should consider ordering the foods that their names come up with “BKK Bitter”  – they are the dishes that the restaurant uses its own recipe in order to cook them. However, there is the one dish that you should not miss at any cost. It is called “BKK Bitter Special” It is Salamy Ham & Bacon pizza with tomato sauce. It is special because its powder is mixed up with Octopus’s ink, causing the powder to become black. How cool it is!


By the way, if you are an experienced drinker, there are many imported beers from many countries. Would you mind taking a sip?


In sum, Bangkok Bitter, in my opinion, is perfectly suitable for lovers if they come during evening. It is such a perfect dating place. It is also good for a group of friends who want to party in style. The place looks awesome at dusk. There is not much to say at this point. I highly recommend!


Nattanan Sangphuen


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