Baan Khanitha (Soi Sukhumvit 23)

1 Oct

You may ever think that there is no Thai restaurant where it is decorated with traditional and natural style divisibly.  Let me tell you what – there is a Thai restaurant that match the aforementioned descriptions, it is called “Baan Khanitha”




Baan Khanitha is the Thai restaurant located in Sot Sukhumvit 23. Baan Khanitha serves up traditional central Thai food from a traditional wooden house set in a leafy green courtyard. It has many kinds of rooms in order to serve the various needs of customers but mostly it is decorated with traditional Thai style.



Baan Khanitha’s food focuses on traditions from the Thai court, and they are most successful with dishes such as Gaeng Massaman Gai (chicken in Massaman curry with coconut milk)



Another dish I want you to try is calledchuchi phuket Lobster (Deep-fried phuket Lobster topped with red curry and coconut milk sauce)



Not only do they serve dishes, but also they have some gorgeous wine. Just take a sip and you will need no beverage. Importantly, the prices are not too expensive (both wine and dishes)

Overall; Baan Khanitha is the perfect place for those who want to try some affordable Thai dishes and feel some traditional Thai atmosphere.


Nattanan Sangphuen



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