Yamagoya Ramen

30 Sep
Japanese foods are always my favourite food. Ramen is one of them. 
For the people who don't know what ramen is. 
Ramen is exactly like a Chinese noodle but it has some unique ingredients, 
seasoning, and noodles. Ramen has two important parts. 
First, noodles, which are made from wheat and then cooked in boiled water. 
Second is soup, basically soup can bemade from pork bones and and seasoning.

Today, I'll bring you to the traditional ramen restaurant from Japan "Yamagoya".
 Yamagoya has a long history in making ramen 
and many people say Yamagoya's ramen has unique taste.
 Noodles and soup are perfectly fit. 
The sliced pork taste good. Side dishes are also taste good,
 Gyoza is the recommend side dish.

I order two traditional ramens and I find out that 
the traditional ramen is perfectly fit for everybody. 
It's not necessary to add more spice or any seasoning. 

However, I try to proove my thought that 
Yamagoya's noodle possibly taste even better. 
So I order a dish of plain noodles and a set of grilled pork. 

Noodles come with some special sauce under it 
and I believe that sauce is a mixture between 
sesame oil and some spice which create a great taste.
 Grilled pork taste great and it gets even better
 when you eat with that plain noodles. It just perfect. 

Price tags are reasonable, it's not cheap 
but it's worth to pay a little more for such a good taste ramen, Yamagoya's ramen. 

I hope you guys enjoy my entry and if you like this 
please like and feel free to comment. Thx :D

by Pansak Chantara ID.52030070

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