Miyabi” the Japanese buffet restaurant

30 Sep
Taste rather well with a reasonable price tag.

Do you like buffet? I do like it. 
And the buffet war in Bangkok is the reason 
that i introduce you "Miyabi" the Japanese buffet restaurant 
which has 15 branches across the capital city of Thailand. 

Thai people especially teenagers and young people love buffet restaurants. 
A massive crowd in front of buffet restaurants is a normal scenario in the weekends.
Among those buffet restaurants 
the Japanese buffet restaurant is the most outstanding 
bacause Japanese foods are the favourite for Thais. 
However, it is a high competitive market and 
many restaurants jump into this business and Miyabi is one of them.

Miyabi is a japanese buffet reataurant which has a charcoal grill 
and tons of japanese sushis and sidedishes. 

The restaurant gives you two choices. 
The basic selection which has nearly everything for grilling,
 sliced pork, sliced meat and etc. 

The premium selection has seafood and some imported meat as an option,
for example, fresh salmon, fresh shrimp, Australian meat and etc. 
Let's talk about sushi and other sidedishe, 
the restaurant gives customers 30 choices of sushi and tempura, 
Tonkatsu (fried pork) with Wasabi sauce. 
All menus taste well when compare to the price tags of 400 baht for each person 
with 1.30 hours of eating time. 
Drinks are included in the menu, with a decent range from soda to green tea.
I hope you guys enjoy my entry and if you like this 
please like and feel free to comment. Thx


 by Pansak Chantara ID.52030070


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