Dohton Bori

30 Sep

The DIY Okonomiyaki and Tepanyaki restaurant.

Wel’back to our block again and today I’m going to introduce you to the DIY Japanese restaurant “Dohton Bohri” which located in Ai Japanese Restaurant at Terminal 21, Asok, Bangkok.

Dohton Bori is a Japanese restaurant that let customers cook their foods by themselves with a little help from waiters and waitresses.

Actually, this restaurant is popular among the teenagers and young people.

What we literally like about Dohton Bori is a wide range of ready to cook Okonomiyaki with tons of ingredients to choose from and of course with a decent price tag.


Here are our Okonomiyaki

We order two Okonomiyaki, one is pork Okonomiyaki and the other one is seafood Okonomiyaki

We cook it by ourselves!

What it looks like at the end 😀


I hope you guys enjoy my entry and if you like this 
please like and feel free to comment. Thx :D
by Pansak Chantara 52030070

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