After You Dessert Cafe’ @ Sukhumvit 55

30 Sep

After You Dessert Café is a small dessert café that is located in J-Avenue Thonglhor 13 on Sukhumvit 55 Rd. After You is decorated in a modern style. The environment of the café looks very comfortable. This café has opened for many years and it is very famous from its dessert recipe. After You Dessert Café provides is divided into two zones which are the indoor zone and outdoor zone. The indoor zone is decorated in modern style with a lot of tables that enough for all customers. On the other hand, the outdoor zone is decorated in environmental style. After You provides their outdoor-zoned customers with many trees and the fresh atmosphere.

For the customers, After You Dessert Café provides its customers with the very easy transportation. The easiest way to go to After You Dessert Café is taking the BTS and dropping at the Thonglhor Station. After dropping at Thonglor Station, you can walk or take a taxi to Thonglor 11. For the customers who drive your own car, After You have a large car park that enough for the customers surely. Before I first came to After You, I have heard a lot of their popularity from my friends. I can tell you that this café will not let you down for sure.

The first dish that I will recommend for all of you is the signature of After You Dessert Café, Shibuya Honey Toast. Shibuya Honey Toast is a baked toast served with ice-cream and then poured with honey that is made by this café. This dish is very delicious and sweet. I think dessert lover must not miss this dish surely!!!

The second dish is Chocolate Lava. Chocolate Lava is a baked chocolate cake served with ice-cream. Hot chocolate cake with the chocolate sauce inside it and the ice-cream are mixed perfectly. The taste of the chocolate cake is very smooth and full-flavored. Moreover, small pieces of strawberry can bring out the taste of this dish completely.

This restaurant is open Monday-Thursday 10 am- 10 pm, Friday-Sunday 10 am- 11 pm.

I can confirm that After You Dessert Café is the best place for dessert lovers for sure. And I think this café has a lot of menu that can fulfill your needs perfectly.

By Paritt Kasayapanunth 52030067


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