Tadaima Japanese Restuarant

29 Sep

Tadaima is a traditional Japanese restaurant which have 2 branchs; Gateway Ekkamai (Sukumvit Road) and Thong lo soi 8 (Sukumvit 55). Although, Sukumvit line has a lot of Japanese restaurants, it is still very popular because every menu is only 88 baht and there are more than 100 menus. The one of the owners, Kan Kantataworn an actor, said that he wants to serve the quality traditional Japanese food with reasonable price for Thai.

The foods are various and have a lot of styles from appetizer to main dish such as Sashimi, Salmon Salad, Tempura Sushi sandwich, Curry rice etc. Moreover, the beverage like barley tea, jasmine tea, beer, sake, and other soft drink are also served in an affordable price.         

At here I recommend you to have some Sashimi because it is very fresh and also a signature of Tadaima.     

The restaurant was decorated in old Japanese house style because Tadaima means “Welcome home” in Japanese. It opens everyday by Mon-Fri 11:00 – 15.00, 17:00 – 23.00 and Sat-Sun 11:00-23:00. Going to Tadaima is very easy; you can go by BTS sky train or private car. The first branch locates at Thong lo soi 8 or LG floor (opposite Foodland supermarket), Eight Tower and the second branch locate at 2nd floor, Gate way Ekkamai. If you want more information you can ask by calling to 027149883 or http://www.facebook.com/tadaima88.


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