ISAO Fusion Japanese Sushi Bar

29 Sep

With the inspiration and experience from working in a famous Japanese restaurant at Chicago, the owner create “ISAO” Japanese restaurant that is located at Sukhumvit 31. The concept of ISAO is Fusion Japanese Sushi Bar. This shop emphasizes the simple and friendly atmosphere. I feel like I am in Japan. The shop is clean and cozy. It decorates in Japanese style with bamboos.

Sushi bar counter is the most popular seat where you can watch the chefs diligently make about their cooking. Surprisingly, it offers the creative, colorful, and beautiful food.

I would like to go for “Jackie” or the recommended menu. This one was made of Shrimp tempura, ebiko, and avocado wrapped with ebi (shrimp) that served with special sauce. It is so fresh and delicious. This menu is the signature of ISAO. If you do not order “Jackie”, it indicates that you did not come here.

Another one, “Volcano” is the baked scallops in spicy sauce. When I eat it, I feel that explodes in my mouth with the fresh baked scallop like volcano.

My favorite menu is “Crunchy” that made of tempura batter stuffed with spicy salmon. It is very crispy outside and soft inside.

This next one is “Sushi Sandwich”. It is the sandwich in Japanese style. Basically, it is spicy tuna and salmon stuffed between layers of sushi rice with tempura, ebiko and scallion.

For desserts, I recommend you “Mixed Ice Cream” including Green tea, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream with Japanese red beans.

I assure you all sushi is very fresh and ingredient is too high quality.

Tel.: 02-258-0645

Open daily: Monday to Friday 11:00 am – 14:30 pm, 17:30 pm – 22:00 pm, weekends 11:00 am – 22:00 pm

Napasaorn Sakprakanchai 52030088                                                                                                                               


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