27 Sep

Everyone who has been to OSAKA may know this place because they claim that Ramen Kio in Osaka was founded in 1995. This place is located on Sukhumvit Rd., soi Sukhumvit 47at Rain Hill Project, 3th floor. They open daily at 10.00 – 23.00.


                Ramen Kio provides more than 20 dishes with reasonable prices. It begins at 250 – 500 Baht. We recommend you to try Kio Ramen because this Ramen is very popular dish in Osaka. Next, it is Ipponmen. It covers with pork cartilage bone which full of collagen. They will steam pork with special sauce of their restaurant for 4 hours.


ImageFor new customers, we suggest that you have to be careful during your meal because this restaurant will serve the ramen with hot ceramic that has 98 C°. This method will make the delicious ramen.

This restaurant is decorated in modern Japanese style. The atmosphere is very clear. They provide more tables for different groups of customer such as couple, group and alone.


                At last, we hope you enjoy with their ramen. Don’t forget to share your feedbacks with us! Thank you.



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