25 Sep

Everyone who loves sushi, especially Tuna, we recommend you to come and taste at this place. I think everyone knows about TV Champion, and feels hungry. This time your dream will come true because the restaurant which we will recommend you today belong to TV Champion.

UO-YASU is located on Thonglor soi 13 Sukhumvit Rd. Bangkok. They open every day at 11.00-14.00. and 17.00-23.00.  The way to come to this place is very easy for everyone. BTS is the best way to come. For the customers who drive your own cars, UO-YASU has a large car park that enough for all of you.


Tuna sashimi is the best dish of this restaurant. They provide a lot of sashimi such as Otoro, shutoro and maguro.


UO-YASU has a lot of expert chiefs who have more knowledge about Tuna. We can be sure that we will get the best fish of the day. It’s a great Sushi Restaurant. We believe this place uses only organic recipes and the ingredients are mostly organic.


Maguro Hono Houbayaki


Maguro Yakiniku

        They provide a reasonable price. It starts at 250 baht. We will get 10% discount on Monday-Tuesday at 17.00-23.00.

         UO-YASU is decorated in modern-Japanese style. It is the great way to make the customers feel relax with their Japanese decorating. Most of customer may be Japanese foreigners because OU-YASU is very famous.

        We can confirm that you will get a delicious food in reasonable price.

Jackapan Witchuprapaporn 52030055


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