New York Steakhouse @ Sukhumvit 2

24 Sep

All the best of the steaks, I would recommend “New York Steakhouse is located on the 2nd floor of JW Marriott Bangkok Hotel. It is very renowned in Sukhumvit business area.

The interior of this restaurant has the atmosphere of modern American style. There are black and white photographs surrounding in the New York theme. This restaurant serves American style food ranging from the famous Rib Eye Steak to Kobe Beef. Not only has prime beef but also superb seafood. You can taste the delicious food that perfectly matched with various wine collections. Red wine and steak have an affinity for one another.

Popular menu is delicious Caesar Salad that waiter will come to cook at the table.  can confirm that vegetables are very fresh matched with rich dressing.

Go straight to main course US Angus Beef Fillet Mignon and Seafood Grilled with Mushroom Sauce are really tender and yummy. Beef is medium-rare that has a firm surface but soft in the middle.

For dessert, I like Chocolate Dream served with whipping cream & Berry Sauce. I like it so much because it has hot chocolate lava inside. If you want a new taste, I recommend you try with ice-cream. You can choose flavors what you want.

I am pleasure with good and polite service. With a luxurious atmosphere and impeccable Marriott service, so I would like to suggest a reservation.

Tel.: 02-656-7700

Open daily: 18.00 a.m. -23.00 p.m.

Napasaorn Sakprakanchai 52030088


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