Vanilla Brasserie@Siam Paragon

23 Sep

Vanilla Brasserie is the Parisian Café that is located on Ground floor, Siam Paragon. All of you can go to this restaurant easily by using BTS and dropping at Siam Station. For those who drive your own car, Siam Paragon has a very large parking lot that enough for all customers. Vanilla Brasserie offer both light meals during the afternoon and main dishes and desserts.


When I first came to Vanilla Brasserie, I felt impress with the decoration of the café. Vanilla Brasserie is decorated in luxurious style. The color tone and mood of the café are very warm. Vanilla Brasserie provides the private zone on the second floor for the customers who want to hang out with their friends quietly. Moreover, Vanilla Brasserie also provides their customers with the outdoor zone where the classic song always plays smoothly.

I can confirm that Vanilla Brasserie always provides their customers with the foods that have very good tastes and high standards. First dish that I will recommend is Spaghetti Carbonara which is an  Italian spaghetti dish based on eggs, cheese, grilled bacon, and black pepper. Vanilla Brasserie has its own secret that can mix all these ingredients together perfectly.

Second dish is Black Spaghetti Ebiko which is Italian black spaghetti combined with garlic and ebiko. I can confirm that this dish is very delicious. The ingredients of this dish are also fresh and full of energy.

The last dish that I will recommend today is Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Crepe. Crepe is the most famous food of Vanilla Brasserie. I can assure that this Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Crepe here is super duper delicious!!! Vanilla Brasserie combines cheese, smoked salmon, cream and crepe together perfectly. Moreover, smoked salmon is also very fresh. I can tell that Italian food lover cannot miss this café for sure.

Vanilla Brasserie is open daily from 10.00 am. – 11.00 pm.

I can confirm that Vanilla Brasserie is the Parisian café that suits for everyone in Bangkok city. This place will help you can relax with your friends comfortably and enjoy with your Italian foods enjoyably. Vanilla Brasserie will make your lunch or dinner becomes a perfect meal for you, your friends and your family.

By: Paritt Kasayapanunth 52030067


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