Seafood Boat Noodle (Teaw Ruea Lae)

22 Sep

Name of Business: Seafood Boat Noodle (Teaw Ruea Lae)

Product: Thai food (Noodle) & Drink

Location: DI WAVERY Park @Sukhumvit 101/1

Working Hour: Open Daily 09.00-19.00

Contact Us: 085-076-6575


Teaw Ruea Lae is the first place that make boat noodle with seafood. This restaurant situated in Sukhumvit 101/1. There are many new customers through positive word of mouth. Recommended menus are Seafood Boat Noodle, Pork Stew Noodle, Noodle Fried with Spicy Seafood, and Northern Thai Noodle Curry Soup. Other recommended appetizers are Fried Tofu and Chinese Steamed Dumpling (Ka Nom Jeeb).

Let’s try it! Good taste with a reasonable price.

Napasaorn Sakprakanchai 52030088


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