San Aroi Pochana, Sukhumvit 103

12 Sep

Today, I am going to recommend “San Aroi Pochana.”  “San Aroi Pochana” has been opened for 8 years, which is located on Sukhumvit road. “San Aroi Pochana” has three branches around Bangkok and the Udomsuk branch is the most popular. There apart from the beautiful well-lit atmosphere along the road. They decorated the restaurant with Chinese traditional style. The distinctive point of this restaurant is Cantonese food. They serve only fresh and new foods. There are many unique dishes which different from another Chinese restaurant.


This is an appetizer called Prawn Salad with Creamy Dressing. There are many big prawn inside the dish. They serve you with very fresh lettuce and fruit such as apple and cantaloupe.


This is another interesting dish called Fried Oyster. The hot oyster fried will serve you with a hot pan. Fried Oyster consists of bean sprouts and lettuces.


This one is my favorite dish called “Grouper Fried with black pepper.” “Grouper Fried with black pepper” consists of shitake mushroom, cayenne pepper and ginger.


The last dish is the most well-known dish of “San Aroi Pochana” called Fried rice with crab. They use soft rice and fried them with fresh crab.


They also have a Chinese drink to serve you such as chrysanthemum tea.


Overall image of this restaurant are great. They use a punctilious ingredient. All dishes are fresh and new. There are many delicious dishes waiting for you. Would you like to try?


For more information

Location: Sukhumvit 103 Soi Udomsuk 49

Contact number:  02-728-2102


By: Adipa Tangkiattrong 52030087



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