Dream Steak, Udomsuk

12 Sep

“Dream Steak” is one of the most famous steak restaurants which have many branches all over Thailand. Now, it opens on Sukhumvit road. “Dream Steak” is located on Sukhumvit 103. You can go there by BTS Skytrain to Udomsuk station. This restaurant decorated with many colorful lamps and the atmosphere is very nice. They also hang many wonderful pictures on the wall. There are 15 tables decorated with pretty vase of rose on each tables. There are many interesting menus to please all customers. I will recommend you the first dish.


This one is cream of mushroom soup. It is one of the most famous menus of this restaurant. There also have another kind of soup such as cream of corn, pumpkin and spinach soup.


For people who love vegetable and fruit, I recommend “Mixed Green Salad.” This dish consists of lettuce, cabbage, celery, corn, broccoli, asparagus, carrot and onion. There are many dishes of salad such as Tuna Salad, Fried Fish Salad, Fried Fish Salad, Caesar Salad and Cream Salad.


Next is snack menus, this one is my favorite “Spicy BBQ Wing.” It is a chicken wing with barbeque sauce. There also have BBQ Cocktail Sausage, Garlic Corns on the toast and French Fries.


Now, it is time for steak menu. There are Pork Pepper Steak, Pork Teriyaki Steak, BBQ Pork Steak, Smoked Pork Chop and the last on Honey Glazed Pork Chop.


They also have chicken, meat and seafood steaks such as Grilled Spicy BBQ Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Grilled Fish, Fish and Chips, and Grilled Salmon Steak.


There are combination menus that you can combine any two different items from the list on menu. For example, Grilled Spicy BBQ Chicken combined with Spaghetti White Cream Sauce. They serve every dishes with French Fried and Garlic Bread.


They also have many beverages to make you feel fresh such as orange juice, kiwi juice, strawberry juice, lemon tea and ice coffee.


Overall of this restaurant is good. There are many kinds of menu to serve you with reasonable price. The tasted of foods are quite good. The atmosphere around “Dream Steak” restaurant is warm and friendly. Do not miss to try this new steak restaurant on Sukhumvit road.

For more information

Location: Sukhumvit 103 Soi Udomsuk 56

Open daily: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

Contact number: (084) 323-0567


By: Adipa Tangkiattrong 52030087


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