La Gritta at Sukhumvit 19

9 Sep

By: Pinyaphat  Samanaviriya

Generally, when we talking about Italian Restaurant, we might think about the expensive price especially the restaurant on the Sukhumvit Road. However,there is a one Italian Restaurant on Sukhumvit 19 that most of people tend to forget that is “La Gritta”.

Today, i would like to recommend a long established Italian Restaurant in Amari Hotel.

IMG 3908 150x150 La Gritta Italian Restaurant

La Gritta is a contemporary Italian restaurant serving food from the whole region in an elegant and friendly atmosphere. The chef creatively combines the finest ingredients in preparing excellent home-style food. Moreover, he is often chatting with his guests, finding out just how they like their food. This restaurant filled with light and plenty of room and graceful decorated

Okay ! Let’s talk about menus. I started my order with glasses of Mojito and Strawberry Magarita.

Next, they served me a complimentary dish. Appetizer of mushroom polenta that made from corn meal.The bite size of polenta was great on its texture. It so soften inside, and topped with full load of mushroom which was fried with olive oil.

Here was my order, Spelt Soup Tuscanian Style with Crispy Parcetta Bites and Potatoes (200Baht). Spelt is one kind of cereal cooked in Tuscanina Style. The soup base was a kind of tomato plus all inclusions such as spelt, potato, fresh tomato, and rosemary herb.

Another main dish was ‘Oven Baked Snapper Cartoccio with white wine and vegetables‘ (400Bht) It came in a white pouch which passed oven-baked and there was a big piece of snapper together with white asparagus, carrot, bean in tomato sauce. I had to admit that tomato sauce at La Gritta was great — proven from all dishes that contained with tomatoes!

Here, the time for desserts had arrived ” Historic Tiramisu ” (210Bht) . As it said it’s not a normal tiramisu as we know. The biscuit was not full only with strong coffee but with a lot of liqueur. Another thing was a mixture of mascarpone cheese that was so great.

Taste the authentic flavors of Italy from the elegant interiors of the La Gritta Italian Restaurant or enjoy the added vibrancy that comes with dining alfresco in the hearth of Bangkok. I can confirm that the price of each dish at La Gritta is reasonable (not expensive as we thought) when comparing to other real Italian Restaurants.

Do not miss to visit here.  La Gritta Italian Restaurant opens 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a resident guitarist.

Every Day from 06:00 to 22:30 

Sukhumvit Soi 19


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