Chico Interior Decor and Cafe

9 Sep

By Pinyaphat Samanaviriya 52030075

Today, I would like to recommend you another hide away in the mid of Sukhumvit Area – Chico Interior Product and Cafe at Sukhumvit 53

This place offers not only interior decor products but also a nice corner to sit back and relax while watching adorable cats roaming freely around. The owner of this cafe is a Japanese interior designer who loves cats so much. That is why the combination occurs. The cafe gives out a relaxing atmosphere with big windows allowing light to come in and you can enjoy the view of lots of green around the house or you can also sit outside at the front yard sipping coffee under the trees.

Of course, inside is a mix area between selling interior product and eating area .

Now!  here is a kind of easy and light menu. The most talking one is a  ‘Lunch Set 150Baht’ which is available in 4 set. Each set consists of salad, main dish, coffee and tea.

This one that i ordered was a Cold Macaroni Salad mixed with mayonnaise, chopped boiled egg, and carrot garnished with green cabbage and cucumber.

Here comes the two main menus out of for which was Omurice – Japanese Rice Omelet. It was a (tomato sauce) fried rice wrapped inside an egg omelet stuffed with sausages (inside the rice) and topped with fresh tomato onion sauce. Yes, it was easy and simple taste with tomato sauce and pepper inside.

Next was Japanese Style Spaghetti – a kind of spaghetti fried in olive oil with pork, mushroom and zuchiini topped with shaved katsuobushi (dried smoked tuna).

Then, followed by coffee served with cookies. It was a brewed coffee that customer can add more sugar and milk.

The last one is a recommended menu ‘Jumbo Honey Toast’ 110Bht — This was outside the set menu but I recommend you to order this because it was very terrific. Dues to its soft and fluffy of bread loaf that was big cut and drilled at the edge — added in butter topped with sliced almond served with pieces of butter and honey in small jar.

Right you can come and enjoy the quiet secret place which is located on Sukhumvit 53. All dishes are served with good taste and high quality and the price is not expensive.

Chico Interior Products and Cafe
109 soi Sukhumvit 53 (or paidee-mardee)
in small sub-soi called ‘soi Re-Noo,
Klongton-Nua, Wattana,Bangkok 10110

Open Daily (except Tuesday) from 9.30 – 18.00
(Lunch Set served only 11.00 – 14.00)


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