BONCHON Chicken Thailand, Thonglor 13

3 Sep

BonChon Chicken is the fried chicken restaurant that has opened for 10 years in Korea. Now, it has already opened in Thailand WooHoo!! BonChon Chicken is located on the second floor of Seenspace 13 Avenue, Thonglor 13. BonChon Chicken at the Seenspace 13 Avenue was designed for all of you perfectly. You can enjoy your lunch with your family comfortably or have dinner with your friends enjoyably in the same restaurant. Moreover, this branch will also change into very chic bar for people around Thonglor to hang out with friends at night.


BonChon Chicken was decorated with Modern Minimalism Style which highlighted on the integrating of the white oaks and industrial steels. Two differences of decorations can make the feel of this restaurant becomes more warm and up-to-date!! The pictures of the buildings on the restaurant’s wall reflect to the New York’s society perfectly. Indie rock music that plays in the restaurant can fully boost the energy of the customers. I assure that people who come to face BonChon Experience will feel impressed and want to come back in a short time for sure!!



BonChon Chicken has their own style of the menu. It can make the customers feel that they are involved with the order. If you are afraid of ordering the food, this is the simple steps that you can take easily:

  1. Pick a part and size of the chicken that you want to have
  2. Choose a flavor sauce that will be polished over the chicken which have three kinds of sauces, “Soy Garlic”, “Hot” and “Mix”
  3.  Select side dishes which including coleslaw, kimchi coleslaw, rice and sticky rice
  4. Select the additional side dishes which including pickled radish, kimchi coleslaw, clear mushroom soup, rice, coleslaw, kimchi and sticky rice.


These 4 easy steps of ordering will bring you to experience with “Best wings in America” as published by Scott Raab, the famous columnist from Esquire Magazine in 2009 and also ranked on the top as “The best fried chicken in New York” by NY Daily News in 2012.



Moreover, BonChon Chicken also offers you with the variety of Korean food. One of the most famous dishes of BonChon Chicken is BonChon Fries which is the French Fries that mix with the spices of Thailand. Next dish is BonChon Chicken Joint (Soy Garlic/ Hot) which is the crisp joint of BonChon Chicken, polishing with Soy Garlic or Hot sauces that you want. In my opinion, I will recommend you to try BonChon Potsticker or BonChon Gyoza which the best gyoza that I ever had!! I cannot describe its taste into words or any sentence, you must try it by yourself!! Trust me!!!


BonChon Fries


BonChon Gyoza


For more information

BonChon Chicken, SeenSpace 13 Avenue, Thonglor 13

Open Weekday: 11 am- 11pm

Open Weekend: 11 am- midnight

Contact Number: 0-2185-2361,08-1846-8079



BY Paritt Kasayapanunth 52030067


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