KUPPA @ Sukhumvit 16

31 Aug

By Pinyaphat  Samanaviriya 52030075


Today, i will recommend the old famous restaurant at Sukhumvit Rd. Let’s see!

Kuppa is a long established restaurant in Bangkok  and is being recognized as an exceptional establishment among the top cafes and restaurants in Thailand and Asia

It Located on Sukumvit soi 16. A chic, modern cozy restaurant serving a wide variety of international cuisine. The combination of the warehouse with a glassy exterior allows us to see a natural light.


The menu offers  both Thai and international diners such as spring rolls and grilled sirlion jaew to pasta dishes, risotto, pizza and meat dishes served with sides ranging from rice to mashed potatoes. Moreover, Kuppa is well- known about deserts, including the home made cheese cake and the hot chocolate brownies. It also offers a limited number of wines, along with juices and non-alcoholic beverages.

Now, i will show you all dishes that i had tried !!

The first dish I ordered today is Baby Spinach. The salad was coupled with avocado, mushroom, and crispy bacon while dressing was   sweet and sour, rich flavour from sauteed mushroom was also splendid. So, this is my recommended dish.


A second dish is Moo Yang (Thai grilled pork) and sticky rice. This is also my favourite at Kuppa.  I can say that, the taste is better than other Thai restaurants. The pork was tender and well marinated. Furthermore , the  Jaew (Thai dried chili dipping sauce) was piquant but less spicy than others. So,foreigners can eat this dish easily.


Next is Ox-tail Stew with Mashed Potatoes. Ox-tail was tender and delicate. Gravy was rich and thick with sweetness from plum, and Sea asparagus was Crisp on the outside and meltingly soft within. However, i don,t like mashed potatoes because it was too mushy. (I’m so sorry i forget to take a picture of this menu for everyone.)


Here was Salt & Pepper Squid with lime and garden green.Normally, i don’t  like to eat squid because its sticky and gluey. However, Kuppa made me an amazing fried squid- a crispy outside but so white soft of squid inside. I also love it since it is not oily or queasy at all.


The next dish is Hoisin Crispy Duck Pizza. The duck was shredded and crispy.  It went very well with the sweet Hoisin sauce.


Today, I had quite a load of food and the last that ended my meal was a cup of cappuccino.


From all of these i had tried, I can say that  Kuppa  is an interpretation of comfort food, concentrating on the highest quality produce prepared simply and staying true to its flavors. You can come everyday, It opens daily 10am-11:30pm.



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