Sabaijai Keb-Tawan Thai Restaurant

27 Aug

If you are foreigners looking for a real Thai restaurant at a classy place full of international restaurants like Sukumvit, I will recommend you one; it’s Sabaijai Keb-Tawan.


Sabaijai Keb-Tawan is a Thai-Isan restaurant located opposite to Soi Ekamai 10. It was founded for more than 20 years. Most of its customers are foreigners working and living around Ekamai.


Its significant dish of all time is Roasting Chicken. By its delicious Thai style taste, the customers always order at least ½ Roasting Chicken, making it the dish that attracts many tourists to try it once. Another dish, in my opinion, that people planning to go to Sabaijai Keb-Tawan should order is On-Suan. It is made of fried eggs mixing meticulously with shells.


The restaurant is divided into 2 sections. The first section was built since Sabaijai Keb-Tawan; it was decorated with old-fashion style. The latter section was built after Sabaijai Keb-Tawan has become more famous, making it look more modern in order to attract more foreigners who prefer to more comfortable place but still being enchanted by its difficult-to-compete tastes. The prices are not too expensive; when comparing to the taste, the prices have become a worth deal.

Give yourself a go if you come to Thailand in order to taste Thai dishes. It’s Sabaijai Keb-Tawan at Ekamai 10. Try once and I can assure you there will be the next time.

Mr.Nattanan Sangphuen


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