Bacco Restaurant and Wine Bar

27 Aug

We can’t disagree that many Italian restaurants are exist in Thailand. However, I proud to recommend about the one which is mentioned widely by many gourmets. The Bacco Restaurant and Wine Bar is the Italian restaurant that full of many kind of italian foods. The name Bacco come from Bacchus the wine God of Roman deity. Moreover, the Bangkok Post has announced this establishment to be the most popular, best quality, and price in town.

The Bacco locate on 35/1 Sukhumvit Soi 53  Bangkok 10110. The owner Sergio Forte decide to add more than 200 seats to support and facilitate customers as much as possible. This restaurant has many reputations, so it doesn’t surprise why many people come everyday.

every menu in this restaurant are all delicious like original. I will start with the appetizer which is the most popular now; first is CAPRESE CLASSICA O CON PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA

Follow by main dish which is the most interesting, we can’t forget about the DIABLA. This one has a very interesting serving because it come with fire!

We can’t forget about drinking that is one of the interesting of this restaurant. There are many kind of drink which wait for you to choose them. However, I prefer Le Rose, Albana Di Romagna Sweet-White Italian Wine that has special taste and smell

finally we end up with desserts. I believe that Cream Brule is the best choice for everyone

I personally think that Bacco is the restaurant that be worth to pay. Although you may feel umcomfortable due to many people who continuously come. However,  you get a good taste and memory back. so I think it is a good choice for a people who like Italian food.

by Pakkapon  Dennarakorn  52030074




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