27 Aug


In this article I am recommending you a one of the most well-known restaurants which is popular in Sukumvit area. It is Audrey Cafe & Bistro. It also the new talk of the town in these recent days due to its lovely decoration and friendly atmosphere.

Audrey Café & Bistro was established in 2011 by Bam Janista Jaroonsmit (Liwchareomwong), who was a politician and MC in ‘At Ten’ television program (Tee-Sib), and loves cooking. However, the name “Audrey Café & Bistro” has been inspired by the ’60 American actress named Audrey Hepburn. Moreover, this movie also brings the atmosphere in a French Bistro and concept in decorating color scheme.

Let’s focus on the food; Audrey has both of Thai and International dishes including afternoon tea and desserts. However, the signature is Crab Soufflé which is served with sherry brandy sauce crab soufflé served with a cherry brandy sauce. Another dish that I highly recommend to you is Salmon Spicy Salad, raw salmon served with Thai style spicy salad. Salmon is very perfect for bringing out your appetite because of the sour and a bit of spicy taste from lime juice, with the strong smell of lemongrass. About dessert, Banana Samosa Suzette, fried banana in orange sauce and Macadamia Ice cream are something you shouldn’t miss out.

This place is located in Soi Thonglor 11 and there are plenty of parking spaces, so you can drive or take a sky train to Thong Lo BTS station. The space is large and there are 2 floors ;the1st  Floor is an open floor with 25 tables, suitable for couples or group of friends and the2nd floor has private spaces, seating 4-8 tables + 1 private room seating 12. Therefore, it can surely hold almost 100 customers.


Phichapak Suksomkit



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