Lemongrass Restaurant

26 Aug

Bangkok has a lot of restaurants, especially in an area that is very popular of foreigners. Today we will recommend you about the delicious and low-price restaurant at the centre section of Bangkok. This is the Lemongrass restaurant where located on soi 24 of Sukhumwit Road. It is not too far from The Emporium Shopping Complex, and you can walk about 100 meters into Soi24.The Lemongrass Restaurant is very popular for people who live in an area because of the original Thai dish and the suitable price.

The Lemongrass restaurant is a unique with the decoration like home among the modern buildings. We will get comfortable feeling. They have both of outdoor and indoor areas. The interior decorate with artistic work of Thai culture like carving, pottery and gems.

They have a lot of recommendable recipes such as Tomyam, papaya salad, spicy sliced sheets of dried and crispy pork salad and oasted pork. Moreover, they prefer cooked rice buffet with 45 baht.

The prices of each dish are very suitable for both of Thais and foreigners. They start at 40 – 500 baht; it depends on weight and size of the dish, especially seafood.

Services of the restaurant intend to be informality. The customers can comment by take a questionnaire.



Jackapan Witchuprapaporn 5203055


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