Kosirae Korean Buffet Restaurant

26 Aug

For people who loved buffet, I recommend you one of the most well-known Korean buffet restaurants, Kosirae. Kosirae is located on Sukhumvit 57 near Thonlhor skytrain. The restaurant opens from 11.30 a.m. to 22.00 p.m. Inside the restaurant, there are around 10-15 tables. They use natural charcoal for grill but do not afraid that there will be a lot of smoke because there are cooker hoods at every table. The restaurant decorated with Korean style such as Korean lamp, the tables and chairs with Korean wood.   All dishes have unique and memorable style.

Before the main dishes they will serve Korean traditional dishes such as egg boiled with gravy, ark shell, fish ball mingle, vegetable with sesame oil, Kimchi and vegetable and fruit salad.

There are four types of pork which are original bacon and bacon with Korean sauce, original pork and pork with Korean sauce. They will serve you with some lettuces.

The important things that you should not miss are sauces. There are three sauces which are Korean sauce, garlic sauce and guinea-pepper with Korean sauce.

You can order more dishes from the menus, if you are not full. There is Korean rice with white sesame and they also have menus for people who are fans of beef such as are Seng Deung Sim (Fresh Beef), GalBiSal (Short Rib without Bone), Chadobegi (Beef Brisket) and Yangnyum AnChangsal (Seasoned Outside Skirt). This is the most popular dish called “Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab.” It is a hot rice mix with Korean sauce and vegetables. It has a good taste.

This one is my favorite dish called “Bulgogi.” It is Korean traditional dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, chicken and pork. I like this one because there are various kinds of beef, pork, chicken and mix with many vegetables. I think its sauce is very great. It tasted delicious.

While you are eating, you can order all buffet dishes unlimited and they will serve you a jug of water for free. You can order another beverage such as Cha and Sujeonggwa.

I assure you that you will love this restaurant because the prices are fair, all dishes are great and decorations are attractive with Korean traditional style.

If you are the one who love buffet, you should try these menus at Kosirae restaurant. For more information please contact at 02-714-8683.

By Adipa  Tangkiattrong  52030087


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