Mr.Meng Dim Sum

25 Aug

by Pansak Chantara 52030070

Everyone knows about Chinese food but only few know where is the right place to go.
Today, I visit Mr.Meng Dim sum.

Basically, Mr.Meng sells Dim sum and many kinds of Chinese food. However, the point is Dimsum and other Chinese recipe always quite a bit pricy. But at here, price tag is rather reasonable and right now there is a promotion buy 4 Dim sum, get 1 free.

Let’s begin with dishes.
I ordered ten dishes of Dim sum and a kettle of hot Chrysanthemum tea. Every dish is unique. Some is spicy and some is quite sweet. Every dish just came out of oven, warm and in good condition. Let’s begin with Ha Kao (ฮะเก๋ากุ้ง) and find out that it’s smooth and taste well with Dim sum sauce (จิ้กโฉ่ว). After Ha Kao and three or four of ordinary Dim sum, it’s time for Dimsum that soak in XO sauce. It’s a signature menu of this restaurant. XO sauce is the spicy sauce which is widely used in Hong Kong and Southern China. This sauce turn an ordinary Dim sum into a spicy one, it’s just delicious. End up with fried lobster shrimp (which basically two big shrimps and a pork chop mold together and fry.) and fried cream bun. Finally, finish the meal with a sip of Chrysanthemum tea which suits perfectly with tasty Dimsum.

3rd floor near Secret Recipe, Central City BangNa, Bangkok.

Many branches across Bangkok.


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