Hidden Agenda Bar and Bistro

25 Aug

by Paritt Kasayapanunth 52030067

For those who don’t want to back home after done with your job, I will recommend you to go to Hidden Agenda. Hidden Agenda is a medium detached house with two floors locating on Ekamai, where we have already forgotten that there is a quiet place like Hidden Agenda in this Bangkok city. Hidden Agenda believes in their slogan that Good Food, Good Drink, Great Music and Unlimited Agenda. When I first came to Hidden Agenda, I felt it was like my best friend’s home. Hidden Agenda was decorated with blue and black shades, vintage and classic sofas combined with a green backyard. Hidden Agenda is the place that everyone can go and share their lifestyles, secrets and stories with their friends without any obstacles.



According to the slogan of Hidden Agenda, Good Food is one of the most important slogans that Hidden Agenda are concentrating in. Hidden Agenda Fried Rice is one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. It combined fresh shrimps and angled fish altogether. There is a little bit Isan style in this dish but it perfectly matches with other ingredients. One of the most delicious signature dishes is Spicy Wasabi Shrimps Salad. It is a fusion food that combined Thai style with Japanese style perfectly.


Next slogan is Good Drink. Hidden Agenda pays attention to every glass of drink that serves to the customers. One of the signature drinks is Hidden Passion. Hidden Passion is a cocktail that mixed punch and high quality of vodka smoothly.


About Great Music, Hidden Agenda provides folk song live bands to the customers every Thursday – Sunday at 9.30 P.M. Jazz and Bossanova lovers don’t miss it!!!!


I can assure that Hidden Agenda are the bar and bistro that suits for everyone in Bangkok city. This place will help you relax with your friends comfortably and share your stories freely. I can confirm that Hidden Agenda will make your night becomes a perfect night for you and your friends.



Paritt Kasayapanunth 52030067


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