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“KlangSoi” Thai Restaurant

31 Aug

Mostly people have a huge selection of places to eat around Sukhumvit area. If you do not have an answer in mind, I would like to recommend “Klangsoi” that is the one of the old Thai famous restaurants in Sukhumvit 49. For 32 years of service, you have probably already heard of it.


Along with the warm and friendly decorations, I feel like at home. KlangSoi serves simple but delicious home-style Thai food. With a variety of traditional Thai dishes that difficult to find in the present days, you should not miss all well-known menus here. I can guarantee quality and taste because they select the high quality ingredients and carefully prepared dishes.


Starting with the best seller appetizer “Golden Cockerel” that is the most popular menu. I recommend you try it! Then you will find special curry menu like Tom Krati Sai Bua (Coconut soup with lotus), Look Rok Soup (entrails and minced pork soup), Herbal Spicy & Sour Soup with Pork Spare Ribs (tom klong si-kon moo), Red Curry with Roasted Duck, and Roti with different kinds of Thai Curry.

Also, they are good at many kinds of Kanom Jeen which they will provide different kinds of Kanom Jeen on different days like Kanom Jeen Sao Nam (Thai spaghetti with pineapple on topped with coconut milk). Similarly, different kinds of Thai desserts will be provided on different days like Sweet Banana with Coconut Milk. Especially, every summer will serve Royal-Recipe Khao Shae (rice with icy jasmine water with different condiments) to cool you down as well. You should check these with the waitress before ordering.


“Klangsoi” restaurant have a special delivery service in the Sukhumvit 49 vicinity.

Klang Soi Thai Restaurant, Sukhumvit 49

Tel.: 02.391.4988

Open daily: lunch 11 am – 3 pm, dinner 5 -10 pm

Napasaorn Sakprakanchai 52030088


KUPPA @ Sukhumvit 16

31 Aug

By Pinyaphat  Samanaviriya 52030075


Today, i will recommend the old famous restaurant at Sukhumvit Rd. Let’s see!

Kuppa is a long established restaurant in Bangkok  and is being recognized as an exceptional establishment among the top cafes and restaurants in Thailand and Asia

It Located on Sukumvit soi 16. A chic, modern cozy restaurant serving a wide variety of international cuisine. The combination of the warehouse with a glassy exterior allows us to see a natural light.


The menu offers  both Thai and international diners such as spring rolls and grilled sirlion jaew to pasta dishes, risotto, pizza and meat dishes served with sides ranging from rice to mashed potatoes. Moreover, Kuppa is well- known about deserts, including the home made cheese cake and the hot chocolate brownies. It also offers a limited number of wines, along with juices and non-alcoholic beverages.

Now, i will show you all dishes that i had tried !!

The first dish I ordered today is Baby Spinach. The salad was coupled with avocado, mushroom, and crispy bacon while dressing was   sweet and sour, rich flavour from sauteed mushroom was also splendid. So, this is my recommended dish.


A second dish is Moo Yang (Thai grilled pork) and sticky rice. This is also my favourite at Kuppa.  I can say that, the taste is better than other Thai restaurants. The pork was tender and well marinated. Furthermore , the  Jaew (Thai dried chili dipping sauce) was piquant but less spicy than others. So,foreigners can eat this dish easily.


Next is Ox-tail Stew with Mashed Potatoes. Ox-tail was tender and delicate. Gravy was rich and thick with sweetness from plum, and Sea asparagus was Crisp on the outside and meltingly soft within. However, i don,t like mashed potatoes because it was too mushy. (I’m so sorry i forget to take a picture of this menu for everyone.)


Here was Salt & Pepper Squid with lime and garden green.Normally, i don’t  like to eat squid because its sticky and gluey. However, Kuppa made me an amazing fried squid- a crispy outside but so white soft of squid inside. I also love it since it is not oily or queasy at all.


The next dish is Hoisin Crispy Duck Pizza. The duck was shredded and crispy.  It went very well with the sweet Hoisin sauce.


Today, I had quite a load of food and the last that ended my meal was a cup of cappuccino.


From all of these i had tried, I can say that  Kuppa  is an interpretation of comfort food, concentrating on the highest quality produce prepared simply and staying true to its flavors. You can come everyday, It opens daily 10am-11:30pm.


Sweet Secret

27 Aug

Name of Business: Sweet Secret

Product: Bakery (Cake, Cookie, Pie) & Drink

Location: Piyarom Sport Club @Sukhumvit 101/1

Working Hour: Open Daily 08.30-22.00

Contact Us: 02-747-6152, 089-896-2701

Sweet Secret is the old famous bakery shop in Sukhumvit area. With the secret recipe of the owner, it makes cakes are appetizing and well-known for over 12 years. Recommended cakes are “Light Coconut Cake”, “English Banoffi Pie”, “Tiramisu”, “Brownie Cheese Cake”, and ” Blueberry Cheese Cake”. Drinks are also available; Four Red Fruits, Iced Chocolate, and Iced Lemon Tea with prices starting from 60B.

Come with friends and enjoy delicious cakes at a reasonable price!


Napasaorn Sakprakanchai 52030088

Sabaijai Keb-Tawan Thai Restaurant

27 Aug

If you are foreigners looking for a real Thai restaurant at a classy place full of international restaurants like Sukumvit, I will recommend you one; it’s Sabaijai Keb-Tawan.


Sabaijai Keb-Tawan is a Thai-Isan restaurant located opposite to Soi Ekamai 10. It was founded for more than 20 years. Most of its customers are foreigners working and living around Ekamai.


Its significant dish of all time is Roasting Chicken. By its delicious Thai style taste, the customers always order at least ½ Roasting Chicken, making it the dish that attracts many tourists to try it once. Another dish, in my opinion, that people planning to go to Sabaijai Keb-Tawan should order is On-Suan. It is made of fried eggs mixing meticulously with shells.


The restaurant is divided into 2 sections. The first section was built since Sabaijai Keb-Tawan; it was decorated with old-fashion style. The latter section was built after Sabaijai Keb-Tawan has become more famous, making it look more modern in order to attract more foreigners who prefer to more comfortable place but still being enchanted by its difficult-to-compete tastes. The prices are not too expensive; when comparing to the taste, the prices have become a worth deal.

Give yourself a go if you come to Thailand in order to taste Thai dishes. It’s Sabaijai Keb-Tawan at Ekamai 10. Try once and I can assure you there will be the next time.

Mr.Nattanan Sangphuen

Agalico : paradise of tea lover

27 Aug

One of Bangkok’s most popular tea houses is Agalico, which located on Sukhumvit 51 near the sky train station (E6). When you go inside, you will immediately surprise with this colonial white house surrounded by a sylvan garden. This is the meaning of this tea house’s name in Sanskrit (Agalico)—timeless, because you will take time pleasurably here without concerning time.

I went to Agalico first time with my sister, she had been there before, I found that it was very easy to find although, even if you’re a first timer at Agalico, It’s easy to get there because it’s located on is so close to the sky train. Whoever knew that there will be the impressed place in the central of Bangkok? I fell in love with there at the first step I put.


Agalico offers you the indoor-decorated white tables and the outdoor-garden table. I assure that it’s hard for you to decide between the charming white-toned furnitures, which make you remind to the era of King Rama IV, and the attractive place to chill-out your stresses like garden.


Not only are the dreamy atmosphere outstanding but the various teas and home-made menus too. The home-made menus are Scones with cream and strawberry jam, Apple Crumble, Chocolate cake, Carrot cake, Apple cake and Bacon Quiche.


This lovely tea house has been owned by the interior designers, ML Poomchai Chumbala. Agalico is only open three days a week (Friday through Sunday) as Khun Poomchai runs it purely because he loves it and not as a money-making business.

Agalico, Sukhumvit 51

Contact : 026625857

Friday Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 6 pm


52030065 POKSORN


27 Aug


In this article I am recommending you a one of the most well-known restaurants which is popular in Sukumvit area. It is Audrey Cafe & Bistro. It also the new talk of the town in these recent days due to its lovely decoration and friendly atmosphere.

Audrey Café & Bistro was established in 2011 by Bam Janista Jaroonsmit (Liwchareomwong), who was a politician and MC in ‘At Ten’ television program (Tee-Sib), and loves cooking. However, the name “Audrey Café & Bistro” has been inspired by the ’60 American actress named Audrey Hepburn. Moreover, this movie also brings the atmosphere in a French Bistro and concept in decorating color scheme.

Let’s focus on the food; Audrey has both of Thai and International dishes including afternoon tea and desserts. However, the signature is Crab Soufflé which is served with sherry brandy sauce crab soufflé served with a cherry brandy sauce. Another dish that I highly recommend to you is Salmon Spicy Salad, raw salmon served with Thai style spicy salad. Salmon is very perfect for bringing out your appetite because of the sour and a bit of spicy taste from lime juice, with the strong smell of lemongrass. About dessert, Banana Samosa Suzette, fried banana in orange sauce and Macadamia Ice cream are something you shouldn’t miss out.

This place is located in Soi Thonglor 11 and there are plenty of parking spaces, so you can drive or take a sky train to Thong Lo BTS station. The space is large and there are 2 floors ;the1st  Floor is an open floor with 25 tables, suitable for couples or group of friends and the2nd floor has private spaces, seating 4-8 tables + 1 private room seating 12. Therefore, it can surely hold almost 100 customers.


Phichapak Suksomkit


Tum-Tum Zaab Café

27 Aug

Tum-Tum Zaab Café is offers a huge variety of the classic Isaan dishes. There have 4 branches as Siam Square, Sukhumvit 107, Future Park Rangsit and Mega Bangna. Tum-Tum Zaab Café also offers you the southern Thai style food because they have their Southern-born chef and they really don’t relent on the hot and spicy flavors. Today we will go to the Sukhumvit branch, which is not located on the shopping mall as others, is surrounded by garden.


If you visit here, it will be the memorable time for you. Because you can have the classic Isaan Thai style food with the jazz music they served. You can decide to seat in the garden or indoor room decorated with the unique cartoon of this café. Not only the lovely cartoon but the interesting one is writing note on post-it and put it on the wall. You can write everything you’d like to.


The recommended are Kai-Pee-Koy (fried chicken wings), Horse crab Somtam and Jamba (dessert).



If you love the freshness of the food, you have to come here. The owner grows most of the vegetables herself and she also ferments her own horse crab. You can assure that your diet are good for your health.

Everyday 11.00-22.00


52030065 POKSORN