Pad Thai Ekkamai

7 Oct


52030065 POKSORN

52030071 PHICHAPAK



7 Oct


52030065 POKSORN

52030071 PHICHAPAK

@I-Tim at Sukhumvit 101/1

7 Oct


Location: Sukhumvit 101/1

Open Daily: 11.00 a.m.-09.00 p.m.

@I-Tim selects only finest ingredients from fresh raw materials and natural fragrances. Its recipe is health conscious without any unhealthily process such as gas injection or the use of artificial colors and fragrances.  @I-Tim uses only  real fruits  directly derived from natural ingredients which are varied by sources of fruits, types of breeds, and stages of ripeness. @I-Tim insists not to add any unnecessarily food flavor to preserve the original tastes of fruits in its ice cream. They decorated the shop with many colorful items such as toys.

By Adipa Tangkiattrong 52030087

Coffee, Kanompang, Nomsod at Sukhumvit 103

6 Oct

Coffee, Kanompang, Nomsod

Location: Sukhumvit 103

Open daily: 09.30 a.m.-21.30 p.m.

Coffee, Kanompang, Nomsod  is a premium specialty coffee house that offers a comprehensive range of hot and iced coffees with fresh complementary foods such as toast.  To prepare its iced and ice-blended coffees they favor the use of fresh ingredients, instead of using pre-mixes. Coffee, Kanompang, Nomsod constantly innovates by frequently introducing new food and beverage creations. They decorated the shop with the warm and colorful items.

By Adipa Tangkiattrong 52030087

Lucky Suki@ Sukhumvit 103

6 Oct

By Pinyaphat  Samanaviya 52030075

Lucky Suki is a new trend of Suki restaurant which is decorated into the simply style.
This restaurant offers Shabu-shabu – a type of Japanese hotpot with a thin sliced quality meat and fresh vegetables which are swished and cooked in a special broth bubbling on the burner in the middle of the table. You can dip it into the homemade sauce and enjoy the comforting flavors of Lucky Suki!!

Not only shabu-shabu, they also offer other Japanese foods.

Whether it’s an intimate date or a family gathering, you can come to Lucky Suki to experience the unique by  “Do-It-Yourself” table cooking. I guarantee that you will have a memorable time!

Location: Sukhumvit 103, between Udomsuk 25- 27

Open: Every day

Bakery by Au

6 Oct

By : Pinyaphat Samanaviriya 52030075

Bakery by Au is a small baker shop which is located in Udomsuk 25 on Sukhumvit 103 Rd.

This restaurant uses the finest ingredients delivering freshly baked bread, pastries and cakes every day to the customers.With a dedicated team of baker, creating a tempting display of delicacies every day, you will be treated to an amazing choice of fabulous treats made using delicious recipes.

Recommended Menus : Brownie cheese cake, Oreo milk shake, Spaghetti Sauce Pork and Lasagna.

Open : Mon.-Sun. 10:00-22:00

Nai Ud Noodle

5 Oct

Name of Business: Nai Ud Noodle

Product: Thai Traditional Noodle, A La Carte and Desserts

Location: Sukhumvit 105, La Salle 42

Working Hour: Open Daily 10 am. – 11pm.

Contact Us: 081-755-0451

Nai Ud Noodle is the traditional noodle shop that is located on Sukhumvit 105 Rd. Recommended menus are “Sour Soup Made of Tamarind Paste with Noodle”, “Spicy Mixed Vegetable Soup with Noodle”, “Spicy Fish Clear Curry with Noodle”, “Gravy Chicken over Rice” and etc. the prices starts from 45B that is very reasonable.

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